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Welcome to the Metaverse With Apple’s Virtual Reality Headset

The sadly bullish case for Apple’s new headset.

Apple’s Vision Pro headset is set to launch this week in the United States for $3,499. This virtual reality headset will be a game changer for home entertainment. Just think about attending the next Taylor Swift concert or Super Bowl from your living room. The disappointing part of the bullish case relates to the time and money that will be wasted.

Woman wearing a VR headset similar to Apple Vision Pro

Virtual reality technology has a chance to partially disrupt multiple billion and trillion dollar markets, including travel, concerts, movies, and gaming. Even if the disruption is minimal, 1-5 percent of market revenue, that’s still billions of dollars per year. The sad part will be the time and money spent exploring this virtual world.

Meme of woman walking into the wall wearing a VR headset

Have you been out to dinner lately? If so, you’ve likely seen entire families staring at their individual devices while barely speaking a word to each other. According to some studies, we spend seven hours a day on screens and it’s about to become significantly more immersive and addicting. I predict fewer people in restaurants, even less conversation around the virtual dinner table, and more Uber Eats.

Finally, let’s talk about money. This device costs $3,499, which is close to the average price of a vacation for two, and doesn’t include the inevitable money that will be spent on apps, virtual tickets, etc., unless you think the metaverse Eras tour will be free. To take it one step further, if you can’t actually afford the device, then you also need to include approximately 30% of credit card interest which can’t be paid in virtual dollars.

In summary, I’m bullish on virtual reality from an investment and technology perspective, and if you have $3,500 burning a hole in your pocket and no one who needs your time and attention, then by all means enjoy the metaverse. On the other hand, if like most people, you feel short on time and money, then skip this purchase and enjoy the real world instead. One last thing, if you choose to forgo the virtual world, I would also advise you to stay off social media for the next three months as it will be flooded with alluring videos that will have you continually second guessing your wise financial decision.

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