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College Is Not Overrated

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

You can’t spend a day on Twitter without reading that an education from social media is worth more than a college degree. Although I don’t want to discount the amount of practical knowledge you can gain from following the right accounts on Twitter, watching YouTube videos from experts, or reading free blogs, it’s not the same to your wealth as a college degree.

You don’t need to believe me, just believe the data:

Data about net worth for college vs. high school graduates

I’m talking about a 300-400% increase in your net worth from having a college degree vs. only a high school diploma.

This doesn’t mean that every course in college is a good use of time. For example, I once took a class on recording techniques, where we listened to different types of static and learned how to record music. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly, there are different types of static.

Transcript excerpt

Transcript proof of my knowledge of static!

That being said, a college degree is still what most employers are looking for when hiring for a skilled, white-collar, high-paying position.

This also doesn’t mean that college is for everyone or that every college is worth its tuition. There are numerous trade school alternatives that may be a great fit as well, but it’s still additional education beyond high school.

Bottom line is that I don’t see a time in the future where I am going to a surgeon who learned on YouTube, hiring a plumber who learned on TikTok, or taking financial advice from someone who learned on Twitter. Formal education is and will continue to be an important part of building wealth!

Disclaimer: The information in this post is provided for your convenience only and is not intended to be treated as financial, investment, tax, or other advice. The information is intended to be educational and is not tailored to the investment needs of any specific individual.  It is also not intended to be relied upon as a forecast and is not an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities or to adopt any investment strategy.  The opinions expressed are those of the author.  Reliance upon the guidance and information in this presentation is at the sole discretion of the individual.



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